Quantum Code Review – is it a Scam or should you invest in Michael Crawford App?



With millions of dollars being poured into the world of binary options, it has become necessary to understand its nuances before getting involved.

There are some options out there when it comes to finding related software, but only a few do a good job.

A new option has entered the market named “Quantum Code” by Michael Crawford.

Is this a good software or one you should be looking to ignore as you enter this world of trading? This is the question you are going to have lingered on your mind.

Here are the pros and cons for you to digest.

Key Features

  • Automated Binary Options Software
  • Created By Michael Crawford
  • Can Provide Earnings Of $50,000/Week
  • Starting Amount Of $250
  • Risk With Detailed Algorithm
  • Simple To Use Interface For Beginners
  • Regular Updates Provided
  • Free Application To Acquire Software

Information On Michael Crawford

Michael-Crawford-Quantum-Code-GuruWho is Michael Crawford? This is the question you are going to ask immediately.

This is a reputable founder who put together a team after working hard on binary options trading. He wanted to create a powerful new formula that could help others trade and see results. It is not easy to get started and he realized this after talking to others around him.

He wanted to change people’s lives, and this is the one way he knew would help.

He gathered a good team of professionals to help code this software and get things moving in the right direction.

Easy To Use

Quantum Code app is made for those who want things to be as easy as possible. The software is not complicated and is well laid out. This lets anyone set things up in minutes and get started. With an automated solution, you are not going to do a lot of manual work after the initial few minutes.

You will let the algorithm go to work for you as required.

This is important for those who want to go with a simple solution that is to the point and will help make money. They have done a good job in this regard.

Gorgeous Interface


As soon as you open the app, you are going to be mesmerized. The elegant buttons, gorgeous color scheme, and simple instructions leave you in awe. They have done an immaculate job with the interface and it resonates with those who are tired of seeing clunkier solutions.

Most reviews never talk about the aesthetics, but in this case it does matter.

The software has been designed with attention to detail and that includes how it looks. You will be left impressed when you get a peek at this software and how it runs. It is seamless and doesn’t lag at all.

Everything Is Automated

If you are a person who is looking to set up Quantum Code and let it go to work, you are going to be impressed. They have done an excellent job.

The code is going to go through recent trends and make sure risk-averse trades are made on your behalf. It takes away all of the risk you might have had using other means. An automated solution such as this which works with real-time updates is going to impress.

You will be left with a solution that works well and is in sync with your requirements.

Amazing Results

So, what about the results? Isn’t that what you are getting this binary options software for in the first place?

You are able to earn over $50,000/week according to testimonials and what has been proven in the market. Quantum Code is impressive with the results it brings in. They have helped a wide array of people including those who were struggling to make ends meet at one point.

These results are impressive because they last in the short and long-term. They will not die out after a few weeks. For most people, a few thousand dollars would help, but here you can end up making a whopping $1 million/month, and that is hard to ignore.

No Risk For Beginners

Most reading this review are beginners. This means you are looking for a risk-averse software that is going to help you take the right step forward.

The software is made for beginners but does an excellent job for experts as well. The algorithm is detailed and makes sure it goes through all of the steps necessary to help you out. The algorithm is complicated and pays attention to how the market is reacting.

This nuanced approach makes it pleasant for those who don’t want to lose out on a lot of money.

Regular Updates Are Fantastic

The updates they are going to provide do help. They are always staying on top of things because this software relies on its algorithm. Without the software working in tip-top condition, you are going to have a dud on your hands. This review spent time looking at how the software worked, and it was immediately noticeable how many updates were sent in.

They take their time with the code, and that is noteworthy.

You will not be trapped with an older code that might have worked in the past, but is failing now. They are regularly working on this.

Requires $250 Payment Upfront

This is the alarming con for some. It has to be mentioned in this review.

The software requires you to put $250 as an initial investment. This is going to be given to the broker connected with this software. The purpose is to help you get started as this money is going to be used to conduct the first trade.

The reason this is a con involves the risk you are taking as you have not used such software in the past. It is a con you have to note, so only those who are willing to give $250 should be diving in.

Need Patience To Work Up To High Results

Now, the software is good, so this is a highlight for those who are getting involved. However, it is important to note, the results are not going to come overnight regarding how far you can go.

Most people are going to make a few thousand dollars in the early days (which is tremendous!) but it is going to take a few months to get towards that $50,000/week mark. The initial results are incredible so this is not much of a con, but you will have to show a bit of patience starting off.

Those who want to start earning $50,000/week might get lucky and start seeing results right out the door, but in most cases, it is going to take time for everything to sync up as required.

Concluding Opinion

Is this the binary options software you are aiming for? is this the one you would want to have as a beginner?

You are going to have heard of those horror stories, and that is never pleasing. You want to be confident about what you are getting and in this regard you have a gem on offer.

Quantum Code is one of those software solutions you can put in and know it is going to work. If you are entering the world of trading, you have to start with a powerhouse app such as this. It is going to change how you trade forever, and that is the best part about it.

The results are there for one and all to see, you just have to get involved as soon as you can. Stop going for the scams and get this fantastic option because it works like a charm.

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CodeFibo Live Results & Tips


CodeFibo.com Review Update, Tips and Results by Marili on YouTube.

While we determined that CodeFibo isn’t a scam, we know that most people want more information before investing. This is why we are compiling a list of tips, tricks, and results, to really show you how to get the most out of your experience.

We started out with around $750 in our account, not that much, but something that you can really start to see results with.

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Code Fibo Review – Is It A Scam Or Is It Worth Investing?

When it comes to different binary options trading systems, there are a lot that are scams, making ti hard to know where you should put your trust. This is why we went out of out way to test one of the newer systems – CodeFibo. Read along and find out how it measures up against the competition, and if you should be using it for your trading needs!

We will be rating the product in a series of 4 different categories, with each category getting 1 to 5 stars, at the end we will get it an overall rating out of 20. These categories are; history, ease of use, automation, and accessibility.


Prof-Matthew-LewisCodeFibo is a trading platform that was developed by Prof. Matthew Lewis, an economics professor who has worked at a number of different institutions. At each institution he found students who were struggling, despite doing well in his classes. With the help of these students as a testing group he went on to develop his own trading platform.

Because of his testing group, he had a number of very specific goals. These were access for the lower class, the ability to use the program on the go, and ease of use. Basically, he wanted to make a program so easy that even his students could use it with their busy schedules.

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Lucrosa System App Review – is John Lucrosa a Scammer?


  • Official Website: Lucrosa.co
  • Software Cost: Free
  • Broker Investment: $250
  • Last updated:09/04/2014

Binary trading is an intriguing option for people to pursue, but it also requires attention to detail. This can push people away as they don’t wish to navigate around potential risks.

What is the best solution for those who are learning the art of binary trading?

Beyond reading through books and gaining knowledge by listening to experts (always recommended!), it’s best to start looking at potential software solutions. This review will assess Lucrosa as a potential binary trading system for beginners and experts to utilize for better returns.

Let’s take a look at whether John Lucrosa is a scammer!

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Tim Stafford Cash Formula Review – is it a Scam?

cf-reviewIt is time for another review and this time the center of attention will be given to “Cash Formula”.

Tim Stafford and his team have created a software that uses powerful coding to read market trends and fluctuations. This software can help traders win trades and earn significant amounts of money in days.


Does it stick true to its claims or does it falter? This review will bare it all.

Key Features

  • Automates Binary Options Trades For Trader
  • Algorithm Reacts To Market Trends
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Made For Beginners And Experts
  • Proven To Work For Thousands Of Traders
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Private Member’s Dashboard For All Users

Takes Seconds To Start Earning Money

It begins with how fast a person can start earning money. What is the one thing a person is going to care about the most as a trader? It is the timeline from when they sign up to when the money rolls in. It is as simple as this.

Those who are not able to earn money rapidly will move on.

Cash Formula stands out because the claim is it takes 60 seconds from the moment this software is turned on. Is that true? Yes, it is.

This is an option that takes a few seconds to set up and after that, the money will roll in. They have made the software run in such a manner where anyone can get things rolling, and it does not create unnecessary hurdles. Traders will enjoy this when they get to use it for the first time.

Five Figures Every Day


How high can the earning amounts get for those who are wondering? It can hit obscene amounts that most people are not able to earn per year. A person can hit $50,000 per day if they want using this software. It is that good at doing what it can do.

Some are putting more and more money into the accounts to get to these amounts.

It is incredible to see how well the software runs when you start using it the way it is supposed to. These earning amounts are something people will never have thought of when they were younger. Now, they can make it happen using what Tim Stafford and his team have put together.

The claims are not bold at all, and that is what impresses people. These are real earnings that people are seeing using this software. What more can a person need?

Beautiful Interface


The interface is a joy to see for those who are hoping to maximize what they are getting and the value it is bringing in. For those who want to feel good about their interface and the value it brings, it is essential to look at this software.

The interface is incredible.

It is silky smooth and is a joy to go through piece by piece. You can tell they have spent a lot of time on building this from the ground up. Everything is focused towards the trader’s needs, and that is remarkable, to say the least.

It is nice to see Tim Stafford showing traders the quality they deserve.

Impressive Customer Support


The customer support is unbelievable. The amount of effort that is put in by the representatives is something that is hard to find in the niche.

Most software options are useless when it comes to this component. Even if their software is good, they rarely spend time on the customer support team. However, this is not a problem with Cash Formula and is instead one of their biggest benefits.

The support team is out of this world. They care for each and every trader and show it by helping in seconds. They work around the clock and can be accessed without trouble.

Regular Updates

Do they have regular updates coming in for the software? Sometimes, the software might be good for a few weeks, but then it starts to age. The algorithm does not hit the right signals, and that can be troubling. Is that the case here?

Not at all.

This is a world-class system that has been set up and it shows by the updates they send in on a regular basis.

Tim Stafford makes sure the software is running as needed and does not slow down at any point. This gives it the quality that you crave.


Is it safe? Traders want to go with something that is legal and proven to work. They don’t want to take a chance and use something that will create legal trouble down the road. This is a legally sound option that has been around for a while now.

Tim Stafford has made sure it is legally sound and that is not going to be a problem at all.

A safe solution is always the best kind for those who want to feel secure with what they are running and the value it is giving them. If that is the desired goal, Cash Formula is on top.

Several Signals A Day


How many trade signals does it send? It is one thing to have an automated solution, but the signals have to work in line with what is needed. The reasons traders are earning a lot of money using this software has to do with the signals coming in.

The algorithm is designed to help read the market and then send in trade signals.

This is the only way to maximize the chances of earning money in this day and age. The trades become easier to make, and the automated nature of this solution ensures the results are on par with one’s needs. Tim Stafford and his team have done a great job in scouring the world of binary options to see what people need and then implementing it immediately. The signals work like a charm.

Initial Investment Is Needed

Cons are a part of any binary options software and things don’t change here. The first con would involve the necessity of an initial investment with their broker. This is needed to begin the process and without it, a person will not be able to trade.

Sure, the access to the software is free, but the trading takes place after the $250 has been deposited into the broker’s account.

It is a simple part of the process, but for some the minimum amount might be higher than they would like starting off. It is a con that does not get in the way for most, but has to be highlighted.

Doesn’t Provide “100%” Success

It doesn’t matter what a software claims, the 100% claim is never going to be true. This software does not make such claims, but nonetheless it is not able to hit the 100% mark. It is not going to win every single trade that is made.

However, it will be as close to the top when it comes to results and that is a positive.

Even in this con there is a positive of having an elite solution that competes with anything else that is out there in the same niche.

If the goal is to win every trade, there isn’t a software on the market you could go with. It is important to stay realistic, but with the earnings you are going to see, will it really matter?

Concluding Opinion

Cash Formula is a well-designed software for those who are tired of losing money. Why waste time on products where it is a given you will lose out?

The pros outweigh the cons and it is an easy decision to make for those who are hoping to see results. Start trading with this software and it will become clear a good option has finally entered the market. It has been a long time since a well-designed software became an option.

The features are world-class and you will appreciate having this option once it starts to run.

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