Tim Stafford Cash Formula Review – is it a Scam?

cf-reviewIt is time for another review and this time the center of attention will be given to “Cash Formula”.

Tim Stafford and his team have created a software that uses powerful coding to read market trends and fluctuations. This software can help traders win trades and earn significant amounts of money in days.


Does it stick true to its claims or does it falter? This review will bare it all.

Key Features

  • Automates Binary Options Trades For Trader
  • Algorithm Reacts To Market Trends
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Made For Beginners And Experts
  • Proven To Work For Thousands Of Traders
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Private Member’s Dashboard For All Users

Takes Seconds To Start Earning Money

It begins with how fast a person can start earning money. What is the one thing a person is going to care about the most as a trader? It is the timeline from when they sign up to when the money rolls in. It is as simple as this.

Those who are not able to earn money rapidly will move on.

Cash Formula stands out because the claim is it takes 60 seconds from the moment this software is turned on. Is that true? Yes, it is.

This is an option that takes a few seconds to set up and after that, the money will roll in. They have made the software run in such a manner where anyone can get things rolling, and it does not create unnecessary hurdles. Traders will enjoy this when they get to use it for the first time.

Five Figures Every Day


How high can the earning amounts get for those who are wondering? It can hit obscene amounts that most people are not able to earn per year. A person can hit $50,000 per day if they want using this software. It is that good at doing what it can do.

Some are putting more and more money into the accounts to get to these amounts.

It is incredible to see how well the software runs when you start using it the way it is supposed to. These earning amounts are something people will never have thought of when they were younger. Now, they can make it happen using what Tim Stafford and his team have put together.

The claims are not bold at all, and that is what impresses people. These are real earnings that people are seeing using this software. What more can a person need?

Beautiful Interface


The interface is a joy to see for those who are hoping to maximize what they are getting and the value it is bringing in. For those who want to feel good about their interface and the value it brings, it is essential to look at this software.

The interface is incredible.

It is silky smooth and is a joy to go through piece by piece. You can tell they have spent a lot of time on building this from the ground up. Everything is focused towards the trader’s needs, and that is remarkable, to say the least.

It is nice to see Tim Stafford showing traders the quality they deserve.

Impressive Customer Support


The customer support is unbelievable. The amount of effort that is put in by the representatives is something that is hard to find in the niche.

Most software options are useless when it comes to this component. Even if their software is good, they rarely spend time on the customer support team. However, this is not a problem with Cash Formula and is instead one of their biggest benefits.

The support team is out of this world. They care for each and every trader and show it by helping in seconds. They work around the clock and can be accessed without trouble.

Regular Updates

Do they have regular updates coming in for the software? Sometimes, the software might be good for a few weeks, but then it starts to age. The algorithm does not hit the right signals, and that can be troubling. Is that the case here?

Not at all.

This is a world-class system that has been set up and it shows by the updates they send in on a regular basis.

Tim Stafford makes sure the software is running as needed and does not slow down at any point. This gives it the quality that you crave.


Is it safe? Traders want to go with something that is legal and proven to work. They don’t want to take a chance and use something that will create legal trouble down the road. This is a legally sound option that has been around for a while now.

Tim Stafford has made sure it is legally sound and that is not going to be a problem at all.

A safe solution is always the best kind for those who want to feel secure with what they are running and the value it is giving them. If that is the desired goal, Cash Formula is on top.

Several Signals A Day


How many trade signals does it send? It is one thing to have an automated solution, but the signals have to work in line with what is needed. The reasons traders are earning a lot of money using this software has to do with the signals coming in.

The algorithm is designed to help read the market and then send in trade signals.

This is the only way to maximize the chances of earning money in this day and age. The trades become easier to make, and the automated nature of this solution ensures the results are on par with one’s needs. Tim Stafford and his team have done a great job in scouring the world of binary options to see what people need and then implementing it immediately. The signals work like a charm.

Initial Investment Is Needed

Cons are a part of any binary options software and things don’t change here. The first con would involve the necessity of an initial investment with their broker. This is needed to begin the process and without it, a person will not be able to trade.

Sure, the access to the software is free, but the trading takes place after the $250 has been deposited into the broker’s account.

It is a simple part of the process, but for some the minimum amount might be higher than they would like starting off. It is a con that does not get in the way for most, but has to be highlighted.

Doesn’t Provide “100%” Success

It doesn’t matter what a software claims, the 100% claim is never going to be true. This software does not make such claims, but nonetheless it is not able to hit the 100% mark. It is not going to win every single trade that is made.

However, it will be as close to the top when it comes to results and that is a positive.

Even in this con there is a positive of having an elite solution that competes with anything else that is out there in the same niche.

If the goal is to win every trade, there isn’t a software on the market you could go with. It is important to stay realistic, but with the earnings you are going to see, will it really matter?

Concluding Opinion

Cash Formula is a well-designed software for those who are tired of losing money. Why waste time on products where it is a given you will lose out?

The pros outweigh the cons and it is an easy decision to make for those who are hoping to see results. Start trading with this software and it will become clear a good option has finally entered the market. It has been a long time since a well-designed software became an option.

The features are world-class and you will appreciate having this option once it starts to run.

Push Money app

About Dennis Moreland And Mike Callahan

Push Money App system is the brainchild of Mike Callahan and Dennis Moreland. They created this app to make money in trading market but decided to share it with the world to spread the wealth and help people like you make their dreams come true.

Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan

Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan

Dennis has always been an entrepreneur. He has created a lot of successful online businesses. In 2009, he was looking to link up with big players in the stock market and the real estate market as he wanted to to start investing in these markets. He wanted to diversify his business portfolio as he already had several highly successful online businesses.In 2009, he met Mike Callahan in a tennis club.

Mike was running a real estate company at that time and he helped Dennis get into real estate market. They ended up working very well together and Dennis closed his first profitable real estate deal with the help of Mike.

At the same time, Mike was looking for some help as he wanted to invest in stocks. Dennis had already made great connections with some of the most talented people in the top brokerage firms in the world. Dennis helped Mike get started in the world of stock market investing.

Denny and Mike started working together and made a deal with owner of one of the top brokerage firms in the world. The three of them worked together to develop a system that literally printed money. They made a lot of money with this system.

Once they were comfortable with the system, they invested a lot of money to hire top programmers and industry experts to automate the system. Once the system was automated, they were making money hand over fist and it turned out to be the best way to make money.

Read moreAbout Dennis Moreland And Mike Callahan

Looking At Dennis Moreland Push Money App: What Is There To Know?

There are many different pieces of software out there designed to look at the markets and use pattern recognition to make successful trades without the emotions and “gut feelings” that get in the way of most people trying to make successful trades. The theory behind this type of software is that since it only looks at the hard numbers and the obvious patterns, it is going to be better at technical trading than any person. Whether or not this actually plays out depends a lot on the type of program or software being used.

Just What Is The Push Money App?

Read moreLooking At Dennis Moreland Push Money App: What Is There To Know?

Make Money With One Touch Binary Options


Each individual trader is unique. I have never encountered two traders who see market opportunities in exactly the same way. Every individual trader see the market from his or her own perspective, and this is what creates the market in the end. In this article we will cover trading two specific instruments, the one-touch put and one-touch call, to profit using one one-touch options through combining two different views, that of market volatility and market direction.

When trading this instrument, I use the binary platform at www.optionFair.com. It offers one-touch puts and calls for a wide range of options, including my favorite, which is the Euro vs. US dollar. Currently the rate is about at the 1.3000 level. Perhaps this large figure will spark a significant move in either direction. However, there is sure to be some kind of action at this level as the market decides whether it is at a resistance or support level.

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Dennis Moreland Push Money App System Review


Recent Facebook testimonials that i received, read more and comment at the end of this review.


Who doesn’t want to be rich? Who does not want to have a sustainable source of income and that just deposits money into their account without lifting a finger? Who does not want to have access to a system that just simply keeps making money month after month? Everyone does!

But, does such a system exist?

A number of trading systems have been launched in the market over the past few years with tall claims of making unlimited amount of money for the buyers. Many unsuspecting buyers trusted what the creators said in their sales videos and spent huge amount of money to buy those systems. Unfortunately, a significant majority of such systems turn out to be complete scams and buyers often lose all their money.

One system that has been creating a lot of buzz lately in the binary options trading community is the Push Money App. This system has made a lot of really for its creators as well as a handful of beta testers. One of the biggest advantages of binary options trading is that it has so many opportunities to make money for smart people with access to the right trading system.

It does not take a lot of initial capital to start making insane amounts of money but one does need to have the right trading system to be successful in this market. This does not mean that anyone can sign up with binary options trading broker and start making money.

This market can be brutal and traders can lose all the money in their account within a few short minutes if they don’t use the right system. This is why having access to the right trading system is of extreme importance in the binary options trading market.

As mentioned above, there is no dearth of trading system with tall claims to make money but most of these systems fail to deliver on their promises.

Is Push Money App System different? Does it really make money? Is it a scam or real deal? In this Push Money App Review, you will get to know about everything you want to know about this system.

Push Money App Video Presentation

Push Money App Video

One of the first things you may notice about the sales page is that it is not open to general public. It is available only to a select few who have been given the URL to the private invite page. Most of the other systems open their sales page to the general public as soon as possible to get as many unsuspecting buyers as quickly as possible. However, only a select few have been given access to the Push Money app private invite URL.

The video starts with Dennis Moreland showing the account of a new user who has just signed up. He refreshes the account twice and the account balance moves from a just above $5000 to more than $11,000 within a few seconds. There is no mention or pictures of fast cars, costly houses, boats or any other opulent signs of wealth that have become so common with these sales videos. In fact, the video starts with video testimonials from successful users.


The camera takes us to one of the users named Jack. He shares his experience after making so much money with this system. In fact, he clearly says that if anybody had told him that he will be able to make $1000 an hour with this system, he would have called them crazy but this is exactly what happened. We are shown account balance of Jack that is just a few dollars shy of $10,000 and this is an account that is less than 24 hours old.
There is another testimonial from Margaret who mentions that she followed the instructions exactly as given by Dennis and she was $10,000 richer in just four hours.

This is a completely different way of introducing a trading system as all the other videos promoting other trading systems start by flaunting high-value houses, boats and cars among other things. They just try to overwhelm the buyers with blatant display of wealth.

While there are some pictures of big boats, big houses and other signs of wealth, these are just shown in the passing and not the main focus of the video.

push-money-app-testimonialThe video begins by showing testimonials from satisfied beta testers who are just ordinary people. These people have never been able to make so much money so fast in their lives. The way this sales video begins is completely different from other scam trading systems.
Dennis does not want to waste time of people watching the video. So, he promises to send anyone who is watching the video a check for $1000 but he then subtly poses the question, whether you would like to have a system where you can print such checks every hour?

Well, who wouldn’t want to have such a system. It feels a bit cheeky but it’s a sales video promoting their system.

After the testimonials, Dennis introduces his wife Amy who is in charge of the customer support. Then, we are introduced to his partner, Mike Callahan.


.Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan


They are the creators of this system. In fact, they are the investors who along with one other partner hired a team of programmers and spent over $1 million to develop the system that generates thousands of dollars each day.

Dennis and Mike first met in 2009 at the tennis club. Dennis at that time had a number of online businesses and was looking to diversify his portfolio by investing in real estate. As it so happened, Mike used to have a real estate company and was looking for advice to invest in shares. So, they traded tips and Dennis closed his first real estate deal and made some money with the help of Mike.

Dennis had the right connections with some of the top brokers in the industry and helped Mike get started. So, they started working together and made a deal with one of the owners of the top brokerage firms in the world.

The trio developed a system that printed massive amount of money day after day and they spent over $1 million to automate everything. In fact, this system turned out to be so successful that Dennis and Mike sold all their other businesses and focused solely on this system.

However, their other partner got greedy and started stealing money from the company. When they discovered this, they pushed him out of the company and kept the system for their own use.

Recently, they discovered that their former partner is planning to start selling their system for a monthly fee of just $9997. So, they decided to create a new company and decided to give this system for free to help a few people achieve their dreams.

The Program


This program is so intuitive and easy to use that it is literally like pushing a button to make money. Even though Dennis and Mike had been making millions of dollars successfully with this system, they still decided to give this program to a few select beta testers to find out if this system works as good for beginners as it has for them.

To select the beta testers, they advertised on Facebook targeting users who had already tried other such systems to make money and failed. Five beta testers were randomly selected from thousands who applied. Dennis created test accounts for these beta testers and funded their account with $250 initially.

This beta test was conducted over a period of six months and Dennis met the five beta testers after 180 days to check the results. The program turned out to be overwhelmingly successful for all the beta testers. In fact, it was so successful that the lowest amount of money made by one of the beta testers was more than $500,000. The topmost beta tester in the group made well over $1.4 million in just six months.

The very fact that creators of this program do not shy away from showing the results obtained by beta testers after six months shows that they have confidence in their system and their system works over the long term.

It is not like some of those other systems that make buyers money in the initial few days but then simply start losing money. The Push Money app has consistently made money for the group of beta testers over a period of six months.

How Is Push Money App Different?


This software is a lot different from other trading software being promoted in the binary options trading market today. One of the most unique things about this software is that it is completely automated and hands-off. The users only need to open a free account and fund their account with a minimum of $250 initially to let it go to work.

This system has been specifically designed for beginners and does not need any kind of technical skills. The success of the group of beta testers over 180 days shows that anyone can make money with the system.

In fact their program has been so successful that they received the highest award at NY Trading Convention in 2015 for the most profitable trading software. No other trading software related to binary options, Forex or MLM was even present at the convention.

What about Disclaimers and ToS?

One of the things that separates this trading software from the others is that it has actual earnings disclaimer page, government disclaimer page, privacy policy, terms of service and spam policy among other things.

Also, these pages are not some cookie cutter templates that have been copied from the Internet. These pages are specifically written for this website and clearly mention the risks as well as various other such things as required by law.

Most of the other systems that have been created to scam the buyers usually do not have any disclaimer page or terms of service page. Overall, their disclaimer and ToS look legitimate.

They have also published their physical address on their website and it is not some PO Box address but an office in Florida. Such transparency clearly shows that their system is legitimate and not some fly by night operation.



  • The system is being given completely free and the only thing users need to do is to fund their account with a minimum of $250 to start making money.
  • The creators of this software are also offering matching bonus up to $10,000 when a user signs up with the recommended broker inside the app and makes the initial deposit.
  • The system is completely automated and takes care of everything.
  • It has successfully made over a million dollars for one of the beta testers over the 180 day testing period which means that it is suitable for long-term trading.
  • Users do not need to have any technical skills to successfully use the software as the only thing they need to do is to fund their account with a minimum of $250.

Potential Cons

  • This software is not for someone who wants to know everything before making each trade as the system is completely automated and the secret sauce is in its programming.
  • They have now opened their doors to everyone and their ex-partner is also going to launch the system in the near future. So, the profit potential of this software may not remain as high in the future as it is today.


Overall, there are a number of things that separate Push Money App from various other trading systems available on the market today. The video does not use any underhanded sales tactics to sell the software to the users. They really show the video testimonials from beta testers over a period of 180 days.

The beta testers are selected randomly and range from a 72-year-old retiree with no experience in trading to a recently divorced mother of three who had never made money online. The success of the software across such a wide range of beta tester shows that this software is capable of making money for everyone.

They are giving this for free to a limited number of people. The only thing you need to do is to sign up and make the minimum deposit of $250 to get started. The software will do the rest.

So, what are you waiting for? Such opportunities do not come often.

Sign up and prosper.
Push Money app




Have you invest in PMA? Please share with us in the comment section below your success stories, questions or anything related to PMA.  

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