About Dennis Moreland And Mike Callahan

Push Money App system is the brainchild of Mike Callahan and Dennis Moreland. They created this app to make money in trading market but decided to share it with the world to spread the wealth and help people like you make their dreams come true.

Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan

Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan

Dennis has always been an entrepreneur. He has created a lot of successful online businesses. In 2009, he was looking to link up with big players in the stock market and the real estate market as he wanted to to start investing in these markets. He wanted to diversify his business portfolio as he already had several highly successful online businesses.In 2009, he met Mike Callahan in a tennis club.

Mike was running a real estate company at that time and he helped Dennis get into real estate market. They ended up working very well together and Dennis closed his first profitable real estate deal with the help of Mike.

At the same time, Mike was looking for some help as he wanted to invest in stocks. Dennis had already made great connections with some of the most talented people in the top brokerage firms in the world. Dennis helped Mike get started in the world of stock market investing.

Denny and Mike started working together and made a deal with owner of one of the top brokerage firms in the world. The three of them worked together to develop a system that literally printed money. They made a lot of money with this system.

Once they were comfortable with the system, they invested a lot of money to hire top programmers and industry experts to automate the system. Once the system was automated, they were making money hand over fist and it turned out to be the best way to make money.

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How To Read A Forex Quote And Other Jargon?

Beginners in the currency trading market often get confused when it comes to the currency quotes. In this session, we’ll take you through currency quotations and how these quotations work in the currency trading market.

How to Read a Quote?

As you are aware, the quote for a currency is always done with respect to another currency. In simple terms, a currency quote reflects the value of a particular currency with respect to another currency. So, when you are trying to figure out the exchange rate between US dollar and Japanese yen, the quote would look something like this:

USD/JPY = 116.50

This is called a currency pair. The currency on the left side is called the base currency whereas the currency on the right side of the quote is known as counter currency or quote currency. In this case, the base currency is USD and the quoted currency is Japanese yen.

This quote shows the amount of Japanese yen you will get in exchange for one unit of base currency (USD). In simple terms, it means US$1 = 116.50 JPY. If you want to exchange USD for Japanese yen, you will get 116.5 Japanese yen for one US dollar. The forex quote given above uses the currency abbreviations for these particular currencies.

Difference between Direct and Indirect Quote

Currencies are quoted directly as well as indirectly. In fact, this is the biggest source of confusion for beginners in the foreign currency trading market. Here is a brief guide on the difference between direct and indirect currency quote.

In simple terms, a direct currency quote is defined as a currency pair where the quoted currency or counter currency is the domestic currency. On the other hand, the base currency is the domestic currency in case of an indirect quote. So, if you want an indirect quote for Canadian dollar versus US dollar, it will be quoted as CAD/USD whereas the direct currency quote for this currency pair would be USD/CAD.

Another way to remember this concept is to keep in mind that in case of direct quote, the domestic currency varies with regards to the foreign currency or base currency, and the base is fixed at one unit. The opposite happens in case of indirect quote where the domestic currency remains fixed at one unit whereas the foreign currency varies with respect to the domestic currency.

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Signals of a Price Fluctuation: What You Need to Know About Trading Binary Options

Trading-Binary-OptionsThis article will review several signals that indicate that a Binary option’s price is about to fluctuate. There are a number of reasons why movement occurs. It is important to understand why and how this happens, so that you can be more successful as a result.

If you want to excel while working with binary options, you have to be able to identify trends in the market. This is difficult to do; sometimes you will succeed and sometimes you will not. However, if you understand what signs to watch out for, and you do not mind investing time into the research process, you can earn a lot of money. However, you have to constantly stay involved and up to date if you want to make this happen.

Why Currency Values Change

To start, we will examine some signals that you need to watch for when it comes to currencies. These signals will help you determine if a given currency is going to move in a certain direction.

The currency of a country is going to go in a downward spiral very quickly if there is civil unrest. If the unrest continues for a period of time, the currency will continue to drop, sometimes getting very low. Therefore, it is important to follow world news so that you know when a given country may be in peril. This is a strong indication that the currency will go down.

Politics also impact a country’s currency. If there is an upcoming election, currency will move. However, you do not know for sure that the currency is going to move down. Sometimes, the country’s currency may begin to move upward, because the change in leadership actually helps the finances of a particular country.

Finally, the time of the year has an impact as well. Countries that are known as a vacation destination have a rise in currency when tourism season is in full gear. However, in the off season, the currency typically goes down. As you begin to pair currency options, make sure you think through this phenomenon.

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Make Money With One Touch Binary Options


Each individual trader is unique. I have never encountered two traders who see market opportunities in exactly the same way. Every individual trader see the market from his or her own perspective, and this is what creates the market in the end. In this article we will cover trading two specific instruments, the one-touch put and one-touch call, to profit using one one-touch options through combining two different views, that of market volatility and market direction.

When trading this instrument, I use the binary platform at www.optionFair.com. It offers one-touch puts and calls for a wide range of options, including my favorite, which is the Euro vs. US dollar. Currently the rate is about at the 1.3000 level. Perhaps this large figure will spark a significant move in either direction. However, there is sure to be some kind of action at this level as the market decides whether it is at a resistance or support level.

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